Date: Sunday, January 14th, 2024 at 10 am
Location: The Village, 4 King St, Worcester, MA 01610
For generations, the people of the Mayan Toltec tradition have seen the winter months as a special invitation to observe, stay silent, and listen to their hearts with the patience of a slowly warming stove. They closely examine their inner light or darkness, and then embark on the endless journey towards self-healing.

The journey requires honesty and conscious humility, in order to reach the true essence of our spirit. Without these attributes, it’s impossible to gain a clear understanding of who we are, where we’re headed, and how we’ll accomplish what our heart guides us towards.

In this quest, and quite inevitably, we find it necessary to face and withstand all that molds and shatters us. Our defenses, fears, pride, arrogance, and all the conditioning we’ve received since childhood without any awareness, come face to face with what we truly are: Spirits in action, incarnated in this realm for our own development, to challenge and overcome ourselves, and to tirelessly strive for our luminous realization and, undoubtedly, our eternal happiness.

This Winter Workshop is an invitation to seek clarity, a challenge towards self-discovery, enabling you to perceive yourself as authentically and genuinely as possible. Only then, with certainty, can you embark on the journey and step onto the path of your healing with strength and conviction.

Grandfather Umberto will guide each of us in this pursuit, helping us to find, feel, and observe ourselves, accept and overcome all that is necessary to reach our true essence in an intuitive and flexible manner. The structure of the workshop will be organized and determined based on the needs and energy of the group. This may encompass activities such as discussions, massages, physical exercises, and working with elements of nature.

The workshop will provide a light snack for lunch, along with herbal tea and water. Furthermore, an interpreter will be available to translate from Spanish to English.

All proceeds will go towards covering the expenses of conducting the workshop, the airfare for Grandfather Umberto from Chile, and to support the community of the Mayan Toltec tradition elders.We believe that everyone should have the right to access traditional and complementary healing practices, regardless of income, identities, immigration status, and background. As part of our commitment to dismantling the injustice of a destructive system while creating an affirming and caring community, we have established the following payment system
(for more information please follow this link):

Lowest income/comfort range: $100
Median income level/comfort range: $125
Upper income level/comfort range: $150Sponsor: $150+

Payment Methods:
PayPal: @dania745
(*Limited spots available, we will hold your spot once payment is received)

If your heart resonates with this work, sign up and complete this form

If you have questions about accessibility, group discounts and financial aid, please email us at

Individual Healing Consultations

Date: January 15th and 16th, 2024
Location: Worcester, MA 01610

Grandfather Umberto integrates Ancestral Medicine with Psychotherapy. This involves supplementing Traditional Therapy with healing procedures that have been learned and transmitted by men and women knowledgeable in the Mayan Toltec Tradition. The method of healing will be determined based on each person’s unique history and circumstances. Regardless, every patient will receive an energetic and spiritual cleansing. An initial and fundamental step is a conversation with the patient.

Possible Procedures
-Methods intended to decrystallize emotions that have been contained for a long time and that eventually manifest as physical illness.
-Stipe Therapy (acupuncture without Needles): This therapeutic approach involves the active use of Crystallized Silicon (quartz) in conjunction with the ancient principles of acupuncture. Quartz crystals can transform, enhance, amplify, transmit, and replenish energy.
-Energy Phytotherapy: This involves understanding the properties of the plant not only through its active chemical components but also intuitively and subtly, by tuning into its unique language expressed through its color, flavor, smell, shape, etc. The session is derived from this understanding. –Alleviate muscle pain, back pain, injuries, and more.
-Energetic Cleansing: This involves a cleanse of the seven bodies that make up the human entity.

The healing consultation will have a duration of approximately one hour and fifteen minutes, and the total cost will be $100.
Schedule your time by email

Payment Methods:
PayPal: @dania745
(*Limited spots available, we will hold your spot once payment is received)

May the Great Spirit accompany your paths and protect your existence forever.Grandfather Umberto, Isabel, Antonia, Ulum, Andrea and Pablo

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