Global Village is offering to build free raised garden beds and mail you seeds.

We believe in our communities’ abilities to build resilience. For garden beds, we will consider requests from people who live within 55 miles of Global Village (50 Moroney Rd, Grafton, MA), and will prioritize Black, Indigenous and other People of Color, low income and formerly incarcerated folks. Garden beds requests closed for 2021, but feel free to request for 2022 below.

For seeds, we will mail anywhere in the US and are still available for the 2021 growing season.

Raised garden beds are long-lasting rot-resistant (but natural) cedar, installed on top of landscaping fabric and filled with clean soil for safety and premium growing conditions.


Select up to 100 seed packets per order (see images of seeds below).  US addresses only. Email us if you would like a larger order or if the suggested donation is a financial barrier.

  • Lettuce Varieties: Salad Bowl (300+ available), Prize Head (80 available), Blackseeded Simpson (40 available), Romain Parris Island (40 available), Oakleaf (10 available), Blend (10 available)
  • Cucumber Varieties: Straight 8 (100 available), Dasher II (40 available), Wisconsin SMR (58 available), Calypso (40 available), Marketmore 78 (50 available)
  • Peas Varieties: Wando (230 available), L’Marvel (10 available), Dwarf White Sugar (10 available), Progress #9 (2 available)
  • Corn Varieties: Butter and sugar, silver queen, sweetness, sincredible, fantasticXR
  • Popcorn Varieties: Robust, Rainbow
  • Carrot Varieties: Purple haze, Parisian, Yellowstone, royal chantenay, Nantes long
  • Radish Varieties: Early Scarlet Globe, White Icicle, Chinese White
  • Beet Varieties: Red ace, Detroit dark red, Touchstone Gold, Chioggia Guardsmark
  • Cauliflower Varieties: Snow Crown, Blend
  • Kohlrabi Varieties: Kossak, Early Purple Vienna
  • Rutabaga: American Purple Top
  • Swiss Chard Varieties: Fordhook Giant, Bright Lights, Ruby Red
  • Squash Varieties: Table Queen, Early Prolific Straightneck, Sweet Dumpling, Neck Pumpkin
  • Pumpkin Varieties: Spartan, Waltham Butternut, Jarrahdale, Big Max, Sebring Gold
  • Gourd Varieties: Birdhouse Gourd, Fancy Small Blend
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