What is a CSA?

CSA stands for “Community Supported Agriculture,” and a CSA “share” or “subscription” offers a way for you to support local farming while receiving fresh-from-the-farm weekly seasonal crops from the bounty of farmers’ harvests.

Why should I sign up?

By signing up or subscribing you are an instrumental part of supporting the local farmer’s business. Your share provides guaranteed market, paid upfront to assist with season’s production needs. For 16 weeks, you will get delicious, locally-grown, fresh-picked produce – vegetables and herbs – delivered to your drop-off spot.

Why Our Global Village CSA?

Global Village Farms, MA, We believe in Food as medicine for the soul and the body, We are a group of women farmer-healers and land lovers. We provide access to education, land and food to pan-indigenous, immigrant and refugee farmers. Global Village Farm hosted 170 people last year — many Indignous people from all over the diaspora and many new farmers representing over 20 countries, the majority of whom are women. The share you receive will include an abundant selection of staple crops and a weekly featured traditional crop, the farmers special selection and our healing herb of the week, which will reflect the diversity of our farmers and come with a recipe card for inspiration. We also provide a weekly newsletter that gives you insight into the workings and mission of Global Village Farm, introduces you to our farmers/healers/herbalist and magic beings that make this work possible, and provides details about the week’s share.

What kinds of traditional crops?

Each farmer’s produce grown at Global Village Farm is their special self and often reflects their culture and traditional diversity. The featured traditional crop will be one that is important to the farmers’ food heritage, and may be hard to find in the grocery store. Some of these crops may include muchicha/amaranth, lalu, jilo, chipilin, water spinach, tatsoi, sweet potato leaves, or pumpkin vines, to name a few. But no worries: we provide recipe cards and crop descriptors!

What are the specifics of signing up?  

It’s easy! Go to the Global Village Farms website, at https://www.globalvillagefarms.org/cooperative-farming/csa/ so sign up and pay. Our CSA runs for 16 weeks, from June 26 to October 9. Shares are delivered to your drop off spot weekly, on Wednesdays. The cost of a half share is $400 – that is about $25.00 per week or a full share is $700.

How fresh are the crops delivered?

Farmers harvest, wash, and pack the night before or morning of delivery. Crops harvested the night before are kept cool for freshness.

What can I expect in my weekly share?

Each share typically includes 6-8 “staple” or mainstream crops plus one featured traditional crop per week. The weekly shares run from 8-12 pounds for a full share and 4-6 pounds for a Half (Partial) Share, and, depending on the time of the season, might be greens-heavy one week, and root vegetable-heavy another.

How many will my share feed?

Depending on how many vegetables you typically eat, a full share will feed 3-4 adults; 2-3 people if primarily vegetable consumers and a partial share will feed 2-3 people; 2-4 if cooking only once or twice a week.

I have a large family; can I purchase more than one share?


How do the shares vary over the season?  

In the early summer, shares may be greener and lighter, with items such as chives, spinach, pea tendrils, bok choy, or sorrel.  In the summer, shares might include tomatoes, basil, lettuce, eggplant, or Swiss chard. In the fall, shares might include carrots, scallions, kale, cilantro, Chinese broccoli, or squash.

Where and when can I pick up my weekly share?

We drop off your boxed produce every Wednesday from June 26 to October 9  to your scheduled drop off site.




(Boston coming soon – contact us to help set it up!)

What if I cannot pick up my share?

We ask that you get a friend to pick up your share for you if you cannot.  

Where can I go for more information?

See our website at https://www.globalvillagefarms.org/cooperative-farming/csa/ or call (508) 322-8277

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