Date: Saturday, May 25th 2024 at 10am (approx. end time 6pm) 
Location: Global Village, 50 Moroney Rd, Grafton, MA

Dedicate a day-long to cleanse your body, mind and spirit in this powerful ritual guided by Abuelo (Grandfather) Umberto – Medicine man and Knowledge keeper of the Toltec Mayan tradition. 

Abuelo Umberto has walked the initiatic path of the lineage of Don Juan Matus for over 25 years. He studied Transpersonal Psychology and has been formed in Anthroposophical Psychotherapy. He integrates his spiritual practice, his knowledge of ancestral wisdoms, and the elements of nature to help humans in their path of evolution.

In this day-long workshop we will be working with Grandfather Umberto’s wisdom. His workshops are intuitive and flexible to be able to tailor to the group’s needs and energy.  No workshop is the same. Therefore, depending on what the group needs, he will decide on the most adequate way to work with the group that day. 

This could include: talks, massages, physical exercises, work with the different elements of nature and walks. All of this work is done during the day to prepare body, mind and spirit to enter the sweat lodge (Temazcal). 

  • The workshop will include a light snack for lunch, herbal tea, and water. Also, there will be a person to translate from Spanish to English.

Cost and Payment:

All the money collected will be used for the costs of running the workshop, Abuelo
Umberto’s flying ticket, and to support the community of Elders of the Toltec Mayan

We believe that everyone has the right to access traditional and complementary healing practices regardless of income, identities, immigration status, and background. As part of our commitment to dismantling the injustice of a destructive systems while creating an affirming and supportive community, we have established the following payment system in order to make it accessible, fair and sustainable (more information in this link if curious on how we came up with the value of this workshop or unsure of what option to choose )

Lower Income/Wealth Bracket: $100

Middle Income/Wealth Bracket: $125

Upper Income/Wealth Bracket: $150

Sponsor: $150+

For questions, special accommodations, group discounts and financial aid, please contact us at

Childcare: unfortunately we are not able to provide childcare for this event 

Forms of Payment: 

Venmo: @kinamheart (phone -6626) 

PayPal @dania745


(*Limited spots available, we will save your spot once payment is received) 

In Reciprocity 
The Global Village Team.

May the Great Spirit accompany your paths and protect your existence forever. Grandfather Umberto, Isabel, Antonia, Ulum, Andrea, Pablo y Rosa

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